VR (virtual reality headsets) are barely even on the market with some big names yet to launch. However, we are already getting a taste of the capability and what the future holds. Automotive racing simulators in particular are going to benefit from the technology.

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This gentleman in Germany is using an Oculus Rift along with a simple green screen. His tutorial below explains the idea but this essentially previews what is to come in the future.

Keep in mind he can not actually see the wheel in game or his hands and that is where the green screen comes in to 'mix' realities for your viewing pleasure. The result is amazing.

This is not far off from actually existing. Imagine hopping into your sim, plugging in the specs of your actual car, and racing your internet friend who may live on a different continent in a sim such as this. All without having to worry about setting up a track day, shipping, fuel, and of course, wrecking your actual car.

The future is bright indeed.