• C8 Audi RS7 vs. Bentley Flying Spur vs. Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid drag and roll race

      Here we go again with Carwow but this race is being shared for one very important reason: It features the new C8 Audi RS7. We all want to see what the new RS7 brings to the table performance wise (if anything) with its new EA825 4.0 liter twin turbo V8.

      What is somewhat amusing is that the Porsche and Audi both have the same basic EA825 4.0 TT V8. This engine is also utilized by Bentley although the Flying Spur you see here has their new W12 motor.

      So, three all wheel drive and twin turbo VAG products but all different with the Porsche offering a hybrid, the Audi the lightest chassis (4717 pounds), and the Bentley twelve boosted cylinders (to move its portly 5372 pound behind).

      It's wet out naturally but these cars do not have trouble with traction off the line. The Bentley gets a good launch but the Porsche quickly pulls away. The Audi takes a bit longer to move ahead but gets a slight lead before the cones on the Bentley.

      1/4 mile times:

      Panamera: 11.2
      RS7: 11.4
      Bentley: 11.4

      No trap speeds or times to a hundreth because these people still have not learned how to do this properly.

      Now to complain about the roll race as the cars are let in comfort mode (why when you are about to race would you do that?) and in the wrong gear. The Bentley loses and the RS7 is second to the Porsche.

      Low and behold they do the roll race again with the cars in sport mode! Wow, some common sense. The Bentley starts in 3rd which is still too high of a gear at the starting speed but at least it's better than comfort mode. This time around the Bentley wins showing the top end strength of that W12 before shutting down.

      So, there you have it. The C8 generation RS7 is not much of a step up in performance over the C7 and Audi seems to be content with that.

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        nbrigdan -
        That Bentley is stupid cool.
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by nbrigdan Click here to enlarge
        That Bentley is stupid cool.
        I have to admit I really like its style and the entire design.