• Ferrari Pista vs. McLaren 720S lap comparison at Anglesey

      We love to see independent comparisons between these two vehicles where engineering teams from either manufacturer are not on hand to interfere or perhaps stack the deck. These two heavyweights were tested at the Anglesey circuit with a professional driver.

      This is not the first time we are seeing results from Anglesey for the 720S. This result is very similar but a bit quicker.

      Even so with the quicker lap the Pista still tops the 720S decisively.

      You have to give Ferrari credit where it is due and it is certainly due with the Pista.

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      1. leveraged sellout's Avatar
        leveraged sellout -
        Could argue that a "760LT" or something of the sort will come out soon and sneak past the Ferrari...but who cares. They're different cars that go about this in different ways...both are great. We're in the final, brilliant supernova of internal combustion cars. Might as well enjoy it.

        Even though the 720 is more livable, practical and probably faster in a straight line...the Ferrari is sexier, sounds miles better, and I'm sure is much more exciting to drive. If you're going to buy a car like this, I think you really need to check those boxes. You're either DDing it and knowing what you're getting into, and accepting it...or you have a stable of other, more practical vehicles that fill that role for you. The fact that the 720 is such a devastating piece of hardware out of the box and still nearly as usable every day as a Camry is truly incredible...but that sound...can't do it.