• Bentley celebrates 100 years with the EXP 100 GT Coupe Concept

      A full century of Bentley is certainly an achievement to celebrate. Bentley released a concept that hints at their future styling and powertrains. It is too bad this EXP 100 GT Coupe will not be for available to purchase as it is quite stunning.

      Bentley also managed to get the weight down to around 4100 pounds which for Bentley is quite an achievement. To put that in perspective, this car weighs over 1000 pounds less than a Continental GT Coupe.

      The vehicle is also fully electric with a range of 400 miles. If that truly was the case Bentley would deliver it now but it's simply wishful thinking as to what they will eventually be able to provide for actual sale.

      Bentley says you can expect something like this concept around 2035. That means talking about the specs here is pure fantasy as the drivetrain does not really exist.

      The design sure is beautiful and this is a nice way to celebrate a big anniversary.

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      1. BLKROKT's Avatar
        BLKROKT -
        Hideous. Iím not a fan of this ďlongtailĒ design trend. It wonít age well.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by BLKROKT Click here to enlarge
        Hideous. I’m not a fan of this “longtail” design trend. It won’t age well.
        I don't know. The front and interior are stellar IMO.
      1. Alpina_B3_Lux's Avatar
        Alpina_B3_Lux -
        From the side and from behind it looks awesome.

        The front however (IMO) is really, really ugly. Just like with the modern Continental or Bentayga models, these headlights just make it look like a sad deep sea creature. I get it that they want to have a continuation with the previous models and some sort of heritage design, but if heritage means ugly it's better to ditch it. I know a few people who said they'd never buy a Bentayga because it looks so awful.