• The McLaren 720S M840T quickest 1/4 mile record is now 9.131@154.78

      Hot on the heels of Dyno Spectrum improving the McLaren 720S stock turbo 1/4 mile record to 9.187 @ 150.71 comes a new overall McLaren 720S record of 9.131 @ 154.78. It seems like every day brings a new record for the 720S but 9.131 is the quickest overall pass achieved on the platform.

      The fastest pass to date remains 155.56 miles per hour from this same turbo upgraded car. Basically, the eked out a couple thousandths courtesy of a better 60 foot.

      Who is going to deliver that first 8-second pass?

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      1. SpeedLimit?'s Avatar
        SpeedLimit? -
        I still see questions arise about McLaren reliability from time to time but between these guys and dragtimes they push the 720 to the limit with seemingly no issues. Amazing engineering.
      1. subaru335i's Avatar
        subaru335i -
        I think there were a ton of problems with the MP4-12C and the 570S but maybe they have strengthened things since then. The transmissions were pretty notorious for needing to be replaced and i have heard of bearing problems and cylinder scoring in the motors of the older ones.
        But when they replace the trans/engine in the old cars under warranty they replace them with the new upgraded stuff.